SOWACMS™ uses Services-Oriented-Web Architecture (SOWA) - Visit at - and Content Management to deliver a 100% Web 2.0 web-based suite of application modules for B2B e-Commerce; Insurance BPM/CMS; Petroleum Supply Chain Management; International/DomesticeTrading-Distribution; Medical Business/Office/Patient Management; CPA-Accounting Secure Integration; Call Center-Telephony-CTI-IP Telephony to design and create complex and basic software systems and business process - easily, efficiently and cost effective.

SOWACMS™ offers feature-rich software that improves efficiency and rapid design and implementaton of unified systems, interactive web site content collaboration, and the very latest (proven) industry-standard capabilities..

In addition to the state-of-art Content Management Services,SOWACMS™suite provides and very simple, but sophisticated Managment Portal to control, unify, and deploy all aspects and contant of you highly interactive Web 2.0-based Web Site and assoicated applications. Rich and custom reports in multiple industry standard formats, PDF, TIF, Graphs, and much more gives management a summary of all activities at your fingertips.

A full-fledged and shared Portal and Content with unified interaction; RSS Feeds, Slide Show Graphics, Calendaring. Scheduling, and Event Managemnet to streamline important business activities. By using your real-time data, content, and disparate business URLs, SOWACMS™ enables businesses to gain immediate insight into their performance and competitive metrics with a custom report generation capability.

SOWACMS™ supports extensive collaboration and its flexible administration component makes it easy to adapt to your business process content management strategy. SOWACMS™ has point-and-click set up tools for administration and user interface customization, to suit any workflow integration with all business management, B2B, and fully standard compliant scenarios.