Petroleum Product Verification and Acquisition System (PPVAS) REAL Buyers of petroleum and refined products with REAL confirmed and verified product (i.e., D2, JP54, JP A1, LNG, LPG, Mazut 100, REBCO and SLCO). Currently PPVAS represents exclusively three REAL suppliers of which two are major refineries.

If you're an "END BUYER" tired of dealing with fraudulent product offers or "wanna-be" sellers who do not actually own or hold title to product, then you will definitely want to contact us using the link to the left.

Our proven and successful business process reinforces direct communication to END BUYERS or individuals directly representing the END BUYER. We ABSOLUTELY prohibit discussions of product offerings with brokers, agents, intermediaries, or facilitators, no exceptions. Sorry but it's simply a waste of time to deal with anyone but the actual END BUYER.

PPVAS's built in unified workflow was developed with RG TechSolutions SOWA/CMS Web 2.0 Platform and enables a smooth multi-level Fraud Dectection and Approval System for the transactions submitted by Buyers and Sellers. Industry-approved Auditing and Trading Pertner standards are fully implemented to ensure, for example, that multiple levels of approvals are not given by the unqualified Buyers or Sellers.. Further, all actions performed on important elements are logged into a central database to enable tracking. Approved transactions are processed for payments by a direct interface to the Accounts Payable system.

We represent exclusively three (3) REAL END SELLERS/SUPPLIERS who hold title to various size spots and/or term contracts. Two suppliers are well known refineries that we are direct to (contract only), the other supplier is an independent oil/fuel company based in the UK (contract and spot).

We have access to spot product (i.e., D2, JP54, LNG, LPG) ranging from 50,000 MT on VLCC to 1 MMT in-tank/pipe. We also have product available from a major refinery on a term or contract basis as well.

PPVAS monitors the execution of the awarded contracts. Vendors enter the dates and locations where they have executed the work. We can readily facilitate closing a contract transaction usually within 10 business days, and spot deals, which are very limited within 72 hours. For additional information regarding the sellers procedures and current inventory available, contact Edward Bahl by phone or EMail using the "Contact Us" link to the left.

  • Maintains Buyer and Seller information
  • Records Full Inventory information
  • Processes invoices and contracts submitted by Buyers - Sellers online
  • Provides batch and online interfaces to the accounting and inventory systems to enable timely turn around of business transactions.
  • Provides workflow for Inventory Management - both Buyers and Sellers
  • Stores historical data in the central database
  • Analyzes vendor performance to assist in future contract awards
  • Web 2.0 Web Browser based application
  • Improves the efficiency of contract management
  • Provides self-service invoice and payment tracking to Buyers and Sellers-thereby greatly reducing internal costs
  • Makes invoice / contract creation easier by giving an easy to use visual interface
    • Enables status monitoring of the submitted invoices and payments
    • Reduces cycle time and cost of payments
  • Enables easy visual monitoring of the progress of the Buyers and Sellers work
  • Strengthens vendor relationships
  • Major Fraud Detection and Finacnial Processing rules built in the workflow

Contact Us
Dennis Robinson, President-CEO
RGTechnicalSolutions, LLC
Ph: (706) 573-6439