productsRG TechSolutions LLC. has launched the following software products:


SOWACMS™: Services Oriented Web Architecture/Content ManagementServices Visit at: www.sowacms.com


These products are designed for the new generation of power users who are perpetually in motion - the systems are available anytime, anywhere - through Internet based secure technologies. Great emphasis has been placed on ease of use and extensive end-user enabled customization. Workflow integration is another great plus.



Global Petroleum Resources



Global Petroleum Resources (GPRLLC) - www.globalpetroleumresources.com - corporate mission is very simple. Through our network of refineries and suppliers we provide REAL product for our qualified END BUYERS, and have our team of experts work toward developing a transaction that enables our clients to take delivery of the product. The bottom line is GPR's mission is to execute successful transactions that enable our clients (End Buyers) to obtain the petroleum and refined petroleum products they require. With our vast experience and expertise in the petroleum industry we can assure you that your quest towards acquiring refined petroleum products will be a successful one.


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Ideas and the exchange of ideas is critical to growing a business. SOWACMS™ - Visit at www.sowacms.com - provides a suite of web based products and solutions for building dynamic interactive web sites for sales, marketing, customer service, call centers and customized business work flow applications. Using SOWACMS™, businesses can collaborate across functional areas within your enterprise as well as across an ecosystem of independent business partners anywhere on the planet. SowaCms is available as a hosted solution so you can pay as you go or may be purchased and installed at your business. SOWACMS™ allows to build and maintenance business and private web site without coding. SOWACMS™ has focus on the height quality webs site and allows converting any existing sites to dynamic web site. SOWACMS™ support very friendly interface to manage your multi-media web site content.

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