Providing our customers with the right consulting staff, who become part of their project teams and contribute in very constructive ways to their goals and objectives, is a most challenging and equally satisfying task that we at RG TechSolutions encounter every day.

To score high points with our customer's satisfaction levels, RG TechSolutions' staff augmentation unit works like a well-oiled engine. A brief description of the key players and an overview of our recruitment process are presented here.

RG TechSolutions understands that the business of staff augmentation requires a quick turn-around - often times customers' Project Managers are literally 'under the gun' to meet project deadlines. When necessary, RG TechSolutons has responded to urgent needs within 2-4 hours of receiving the requirements. Customer service is our passion.

Key players
  • Customer Manager - with need for a skilled resource
  • RG Tech Account Manager
  • RG Tech Recruiting Manager
  • RG Tech Internal Technical Staff
  • RG Tech HR Department